Do you have a piece of jewellery from EMBR,  you absolutely love?

Perhaps you've lost half of a pair and would like a replacement made?

I am happy to help! I want you to enjoy and wear your jewellery!

After a certain amount of wear, or if the finer sections of your piece have become twisted or bent by accident, the metal will likely become brittle and may even snap. If this has happened to you and you'd like to have your jewellery repaired, please contact me for a quote via

Perhaps your item has tarnished or the plating has been scratched or worn off? I can clean and polish your jewellery for you for a small fee and/or replate  any gold items to bring back to their original best. Please contact me with details for a quote. 

If you have lost one of a pair, the replacement cost is usually 50% of the current price. In some cases I may have the ability to replace one earring even if these are no longer a current listed item on To check that replacement is an option please contact me.

If your item is less than 6 months old and you have carefully followed the jewellery care instruction that are listed on, but your item appears to be faulty, please email me regarding a repair, a replacement or a credit note.

If you are returning an item for repair or due to a fault, it is important that it be returned in a box or hard case to prevent crushing during couriering. Jewellery that is not appropriately packaged and arrives damaged cannot be replaced and will be returned.